Free water in aviation fuel can have serious consequences, such as ice formation, blockages and engine failure which is not so great when you are 35,000 feet in the air.

Microbial growth in  tanks can also result in fuel spoiling and filters being clogged. Even more concerning is the corrosion damage that acids generated by the microbes can lead to.

As it is not possible to detect low concentrations of suspended water through visual inspections alone, there is an easy-to-use test you can count on to make sure your jet fuel meets required aviation standards for water content.

Built with Shell’s high quality requirements, the JM-3764 detector has maintained its reputation as a tried and true industry-standard test for detecting water in aviation fuel for some 50 +  years.

How to use 

Download user instructions here

The plastic capsule you attach to a syringe, you draw out 5ml of jet fuel, view the capsule if it changes color to yellow or green water is detected.


Easy to use

Fast results in minutes



Aviation fuel testing only, not suitable for water in diesel fuel testing

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