Incubator kit for FD-HYBRID and FD-BUG test kits

If you cannot store / incubate the test kits during the incubation period at a minimum temperature of at least 25°C / 77°F you will need our USB powered incubator to maintain the required temperature.

Our incubator comes with USB cable, just plug into USB adapter to power bag.

These units are suitable for most microbial incubator applications including dipslides, petri dish’s or any other bacterial testers.

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If you need a microbial incubator for our test kits, dipslides or other types of bacterial test plates like petri dish’s we have an inexpensive incubator kit that can save you quite a lot on money.

Our incubators are designed for the casual to medium size user so you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy laboratory grade incubator for no good reason.

Our device can incubate between 1 to 10 test slides at the same time, they can be easily used in a field situation as a portable dipslide incubator or a workshop/office environment.

Our low-cost incubator uses a low voltage USB power cable, just plug the cable into a AC power adaptor like the one you use for charging your phone and you are good to go.

You can choose from 3 power settings low, medium and high to maintain the right temperatures in our incubator.

Our devices have internal insulation with foil type linings that can be cleaned easily if required.

What is a microbiological slide incubator?

A microbial incubator is an enclosed device with a heater specifically designed for microbiological dipslides, petri dishes or our FD – BUG test kits. They provide a steady temperature which is required for microbial and bugs contamination to develop growth in the test kit.

Do I need a microbiological incubator?

You should refer to the data on the test kits that you are using as they all have different parameters; this data will advise on what temperatures are needed for the incubation period.

If you cannot maintain these temperatures for the duration of the incubation time you will need an incubator. Without the right temperatures this could result in bacteria and bugs growing slowly or not developing at all.