FD – WATER 100


100 x individual test kits for detection of water in diesel fuel in standard kit.

You can order as little as 10 test kits up to 100 test kits in the one storage box, just ask for a quote.

Test kits shipped in vial storage box with hinged lid.

Style / color of storage box may change a little from product images.

5 minutes to complete testing. No special tools or training needed for the test.

Carry out the test in the field, office or in the workshop.

Water will be detected at 200 PPM (parts per million) & above in your sample.

Water will be indicated as a change in colour of test agent.

You just need a clear and clean container / cup to complete the test.

Test kit suitable for all types of diesel fuel including dyed and bio fuels.

The test agent turns a deep red / bright pink when water is detected, the contrast color with dyed fuel is not as good as non dyed fuel testing but it still works with dyed fuel.

We suggest just hold test sample near a flashlight / light to view the bottom of sample, you then can clearly see for any water indicators if you are testing dyed fuel.

PDF user guide instructions

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Test kits for detection of water in diesel fuel. 5 minutes to complete testing.

Use in the field, in the workshop or office.

No warranties or guarantees are made regards theĀ accuracy of the test results that you may interpret from usingĀ this kit.

If definitive or quantitative tests are required, or for critical application fuel testing use a laboratory for a complete analysis after using this “first steps” test kit.

This test kit contains no liquids, no toxic or hazardous materials.

Safety data sheet PDF

How to use

PDF user guide instructions

  • Step 1 – Place about 100 to 200 ml / 3.5 to 7 oz of fuel sample into a clear, clean & dry plastic cup, container or bottle.

  • Step 2 – Remove cap from vial, pour test agent into your fuel sample & shake / stir for 20 seconds to mix agent into fuel.

  • Step 3 – Rest sample for at least 5 minutes.

  • Step 4 – View from the bottom of the sample vessel.

    Pink / purple / red spots in sample indicate failed test & water is detected at 200 ppm (parts per million) & higher. No spots indicate sample has passed testing.

    NB: if you are testing a dyed fuel for better identification inspect the bottom of the bottle close to a light source or use a flashlight for better viewing.

    Sample of failed test results below.