FD – 1: Water & fuel quality tests


2 tests in the 1 kit:

  • Test Part A – water in fuel
  • Test Part B – fuel quality haze test

5 minutes fast test results in the field or in the workshop

Test kit components

1 x water finding agent for detection of water in diesel fuel @ 200 ppm (parts per million) & above.

1 x test bottle with haze quality indicators.

Other components

1 x pair of gloves

1 x instructions


Test kit suitable for all types of diesel fuel including dyed and bio fuels.

The test agent turns a deep red / bright pink when water is detected, the contrast color with dyed fuel is not as good as non dyed fuel testing but it still works with dyed fuel.

We suggest just hold test sample near a flashlight / light to view the bottom of sample, you then can clearly see for any water indicators if you are testing dyed fuel.

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Microscopic water contamination detection & haze rating fuel quality test kit.

Suitable for all types of diesel fuel testing applications

  • marine – power generation – construction equipment
  • automotive – storage tanks – transport equipment + more

Easy to use – Test results in 5 minutes

The test kit provides non-quantitative results as your first steps in evaluating diesel for present or developing contamination problems.


1 x test agent for detection of water in diesel fuel @ 200 ppm (parts per million) & above.
1 x 120ml / 4 fluid ounce test bottle with haze rating markers.

Misc. components

1 x set gloves, 1 x Instructions.

The threshold levels good vs. questionable fuel indicators used in the “clear & bright” fuel haze rating test are modeled on ASTM published testing procedures.

These tests are general indicators of fuel quality and can be used by anyone as the first steps in fuel testing. If further tests are required for critical or for quantitative testing applications use a laboratory for a complete analysis.

Non-toxic non-hazardous materials contained in test kits. No liquids – no gels contained in kits.

No warranties or guarantees are made regards the accuracy of the test results that you may interpret from using this kit.

FD – 1 testing steps: fuel quality + water in fuel tests

Fill the supplied 120 ml / 4-ounce test bottle with your fuel sample, pour detection agent powder into the test bottle, screw cap on bottle and shake for 30 seconds, allow bottle to rest for at least 5 minutes and view the sample images 1, 2, 3 and 4 below to determine your testing results.

Part A: haze quality test

Pass, images 1 & 2: You should be able to view in some way the haze rating test indicator bars.

Fail, image 3: If you cannot view the bar indicators your sample has failed the visual clarity haze test.

Part B: water in fuel test

Fail, image 4: The detection powder will indicate any water present in your sample, thus turning the water into a pink, red or purple color spot for easy identification. Depending on contamination levels, water will be detected @ 200 PPM (parts per million) and higher. Best if viewed from the bottom of test bottle like in image 4 below. No spots indicate your sample is safe from unacceptable amounts of water contamination – less than 200 PPM water content.

NB: if you are testing a dyed fuel for better identification inspect the bottom of the bottle close to a light source or use a flashlight for better viewing.

Degraded, dark & water contaminated fuel negatively impacts combustion & can cause breakdowns, damage to engines / tanks & fuel system

The kit provides fast general results & can be used as a first step in fuel analysis.

Clear & bright fuel free of water & contamination is the key to a reliable engine.

The threshold levels good vs. bad fuel indicators used in the haze rating test are modelled on ASTM D4176 test standards.

If your fuel fails testing, you may need additives to stabilize / break down water / contamination in the fuel, or the need to change filters or undertake fuel servicing / cleaning to get your fuel & system back to peak operating condition.