The ERASPEC fuel analysis unit is fully automated, portable and can test any type of fuel known to man and provide exact fuel specifications. With a patented and rugged design the unit is perfect for fast gasoline, diesel and jet fuel analysis. It’s not a cheap fuel testing unit in purchase price but as they say you get what you pay for.

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With its high precision, speed and ease of use, it is perfect for fuel compliance testing, refining quality checks, fraud testing of fuel and research use as well as mobile applications for all your fuel testing needs.

From fuel analysis at terminals, refineries and blending stations, engine manufacturers, auto and equipment workshops, fuel laboratories and many other fuel testing situations this unit is ready to go and it can provide test results in just 60 seconds or less and no need to clean the unit in-between tests – it takes care of that itself!

The unit makes the analysis of gasoline, diesel fuel, or jet fuel fast and simple. Advanced testing modules are available for fuel ethanol, fuel methanol, and even synthetic fuel testing.

The product complies with pretty much all standards know to us including ASTM D5845, D6277, D4052/D7777, D7806; EN 238, EN 14078; ISO 12185, ISO 15212; IP365, IP559 plus US D.O.T, RCRA, NAVY and NATO approved.

It’s a heavy weight in functions but only a lightweight in size at 29 x 35 x 34 cm (11.4 x 13.8 x 13.4 in) and just 10.5 kg (23.1 lb) in weight.

ERASPEC Fuel Analysis unit price cost

The price and final cost on the ERASPEC Fuel Analysis in unit will depend on the unit model, the advanced testing modules that you require (if any) and the country that you are in as extra tax and freight charges may apply to the $ or € purchase price. We did notice a second hand used ERASPEC Fuel Analysis unit on eBay and the price was USD $3,999 with no warranty so it’s not something you should consider buying. So a new unit will cost you quite a bit more than USD $3,999 but it comes with a complete factory warranty and ready to go in testing fuel.

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Without doubt one of the best fuel analysis units in the market – view official site here