The primary cause of fuel filter plugging and shortened filter life is contamination in fuel. Inorganic and organic contaminants can cause a variety of failures, including premature wear, corrosion, sticking parts, and other issues, all of which will reduce performance.

It is complicated by the possibility that contamination may exist in the fuel source or enter during delivery, storage, or handling. Modern diesel engines require fuel to be filtered at the point of use, and while clogged fuel filters are a nuisance and engines can stop at the worst times. The importance of regular fuel testing should not be overlooked as part of your maintenance program.

The FK36000 Portable Fuel Testing Kit could be an important addition to your quality control routine and we discuss in detail and review this product below.

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Fleetguard FK36000 Test Kit Guide

To determine the cleanliness of fuel, laboratory grade equipment and environments have been the only means of testing in the past. The Fleetguard FK36000 Portable Fuel Testing Kit puts a laboratory in the hands of anyone with a decent amount of tech skills.

In addition to providing a reliable method for analyzing fuel cleanliness, you can use this kit for periodic inspection at all points in the fuel movement system, from the delivered fuel to the integrity of fuel in tanks.

In order to determine the quality of fuel with respect to filterability, Cummins Filtration has developed the FK36000, Portable Fuel Cleanliness Analysis Kit.

In hydrocarbon-based diesel fuels, this is an accelerated and cost-effective way to detect organic and inorganic contamination.

The kits do not require electricity or additional tools, and are fairly easy to use and set up. They work by filtering fluids through a known filter media, similar to fuel filters on engines.

With this Test Kit, Cummins Filtration has worked to build confidence in its results and find agreement with both internal methods and standard test specifications.



No lab needed

Test kit Can be used in the field


Tests may be a little complicated for the average person to complete.

Quite expensive at about $3500 per kit, you would need to be doing testing often to justify the cost.

How to use the Fleetguard FK36000 system