One of the critical components of a well-maintained fleet is the quality of the diesel fuel that powers it. Poor-quality fuel can lead to engine damage, decreased efficiency, and increased maintenance costs. That’s why will discuss the FuelStat® diesel fuel testing kits. In this article, I’ll provide a review of these kits and offer our honest opinion on their effectiveness.

Introduction to FuelStat® Diesel Fuel Testing Kits

Conidia Bioscience is the company that produces these testing kits. The test kits allow users to test the quality of their fuel quickly and easily. The kits use a patented technology that detects microbe contamination that can be harmful to diesel fuel. The tests can be conducted in-field without the need to send samples to a lab, saving time and money.

Importance of Diesel Fuel Quality Testing

Testing diesel fuel quality is essential because it helps prevent engine damage and downtime from poor fuel. By testing fuel regularly, fleet managers or equipment owners can detect problems early and take corrective action before they cause significant damage from using poor quality fuel.

How to Use FuelStat® Diesel Fuel Testing Kits

FuelStat® diesel testing kits are relatively simple to use; they work a bit like the style of a pregnancy or Covid rapid test.

After processing the sample as per the instructions the samples are loaded onto the test paddles containing the FuelStat® reagent.

Results can be had in just 15 minutes by viewing the control lines on the test paddles and referring to the instructions or by using the free app.

The test provides results based on a simple scenario:

  1. Negligible contamination
  2. Low contamination
  3. High contamination

Benefits of Using FuelStat® Diesel Fuel Testing Kits

The benefits of using these diesel fuel testing kits are numerous. First and foremost, the kits provide an easy way to test fuel for microbe contamination on-site. This saves time and money compared to sending samples to a lab for testing.

Experiences with FuelStat® Diesel Fuel Testing Kits

Customers have had positive experiences with FuelStat® diesel fuel testing kits.

Customers reported that the tests were easy to perform and helped them detect microbe growth in their fuel.

Overall, customers appreciate the convenience and accuracy of these diesel fuel testing kits.

How to Purchase FuelStat® Diesel Fuel Testing Kits

These diesel fuel testing kits can be purchased from the info on FuelStat® website or from authorized dealers.


In conclusion these kits are an effective way to test fuel for microbe contamination.

They are easy to use, fast, accurate, and conveniently portable for use in the field as needed.

We recommend these fuel testing kits to ensure the quality of your fuel too avoid problems and downtime.