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Overview of Our Diesel Fuel Test Kits

Our kits will detect water and bugs in your diesel fuel and tank systems. We offer several types of test kits to suit all kinds of engine applications from marine, power generation, transport and general construction equipment or use on your fuel storage tanks.

No matter if you want to test the fuel in your fleet of equipment or you just want to check the fuel in your boat fuel tank we have a suitable kit for you.

Our kits are just so easy to use and you do not need any special tools or training to use our products.

Depending on the type of kit you use, results can be obtained in just 5 minutes from our water and fuel quality test kits or you can check for fuel bugs and bacterial problems in a time period of between 24 to 48 hours once your sample is taken.

Diesel Test Kits Overview

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Clean Fuel = A Greener Planet

Water in Diesel Fuel Testing

Identify Water in Fuel Problems

Fast Diesel Fuel Testing

 5 Minutes Results Quality Test

Bacterial Fuel Testing

Microbial Test Results 24 to 48 hours

Simple & Easy to Use

No Special Skills Required

Inexpensive Test Kits

Low Cost = Great Value

Safe to Use & Non Toxic

No Hazardous Materials

Reduce Fuel System Problems

Stop Costly Engine Repairs & Breakdowns

Don’t wait until your engine stops running

Don’t wait until your engine stops before you take get your fuel tested for problems. A large proportion of issues with diesel engines are caused by fuel contamination. The benefits of testing and preventative maintenance of your fuel system are always positive.

Good preventive maintenance programs include regular fuel testing in a schedule which can reduce equipment downtime and breakdowns resulting in less costly repairs to fuel pumps systems and injectors. 

No matter if you have just one or a thousand pieces of equipment with a diesel engine our kits can benefit you in many ways.

Our test kits can alert you about problems with your fuel before you have major issues that will give you downtime of your equipment.

Take the first steps in maintaining the life blood of your engine by using our simple, inexpensive and fast diesel fuel testing kits.


Customer Reviews

  “We used the kit to check our generator fuel tank. We received a positive indication of massive amounts water contamination so we hired someone to clean our tank and then it retested ok ”


Application: Generator Tank

“The kit was simple to use, it’s not something that will give you a quantitative (numerical) result but it will give a base indication. We had a negative result on our boat tank so happy days 🙂 ”


Application: Marine Tank

“We test our construction equipment every 3 months for problems. These kits give us results in the field without the need for expensive testing services so we recommend”


Application: Equipment Tanks

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